Prayer for the students preparing for Exams.

Lord I worship and adore you for you are the source of all wisdom. I come before you in humility So that by your grace I can learn my lessons and grow in your wisdom (Prov.15/33). Help me Lord to overcome the difficulties and unfavourable situations I face in my studies So that with your Power I can study well and acquire a very good result in my exams. I pray that I may not fall into the basic sins such as anger, pride, selfishness or laziness. Help me Lord to develop well my talents and make use of them for your glory. I am sure everything is possible for me through Jesus who strengthens me
(Phil. 4:13). Holy Mary, Mother of God pray for me and for Charis Bhavan. Amen.

Prayer for Charis Bhavan

Heavenly Father we thank you for your steadfast love and faithfulness, revealed to us through your son Jesus Christ. We also thank you for the Precious gift of Charis Bhavan, a tangible gift of your love and mercy towards us. We ask you to continue to bless this retreat center. Bless everyone who reaches this center seeking, consolation, peace and spiritual growth.Protect this house and the activities here through the precious blood of Jesus. So that satan will not have any hold here. We also ask you to bless everyone who, in anyway have contributed to its well-being and growth. Mary, Mother of God pray for me and for Charis Bhavan. Thank You Jesus, Praise you Jesus.

Please offer Our Father, Hail Mary & Glory be